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From Tobacco to Hibiscus

The nursery Hawaii has since the 1950s undergone a significant development, and already in 1972, the nursery landed on just the right shelf with consumers, with the beautiful Hawaii flower, Hibiscus.
Before that, the horticultural greenhouse areas had laid mulch for everything from vegetables to melons and the fern Plumosus. And from here it all started with a very small production of tobacco.

On the waltz with butter!

However, the history of horticulture starts before 1956, when Erling Lund already as a 10-year-old made tobacco.
Because of war tobacco was very much in short supply. It was a successful experience that spiked Erling’s interest in the horticultural profession.
After his horticultural education on Zealand, however, he takes a trip on the waltz in the early 1950s with Danish butter!
When Erling returns, he starts producing vegetables in a field until he builds the greenhouse “Spurvelund” in the late 1950s.
Erling and his wife later bought the neighboring land for the nursery, and their two sons, Thorsten and Stefan, show a fast-growing interest in the profession.
An interest that leads to horticultural education and generational change on property and production from 1995.
However, a fire at the nursery in 1997 means that the organization only later comes fully into place. At the same time, the fire means that a completely new way of production must be started.

Hibiscus and Poinsettias

For many years after the fire, Hawaii Horticulture has maintained the production of Hibiscus and Poinsettias.
But as new times, come and go, 2018 became the last year of production of Poinsettias for the Hawaii nursery. Where the Hibiscus has not yet left the nursery there has been a rather large shift in the production and the nursery now focus on developing a large range of green plants.

From Hibiscus to green plants

Today, it is the sons Stefan and Thorsten who are at the helm, and product development is in full swing.
Over the past 10 years, Hawaii Horticulture has developed and adapted both assortment and profile to a market for green houseplants under rapid change.

Scented geraniums and leaf begonias quickly became well-established cultures in the nursery. By now both Begonia Rex and several Begonia specialties are well established as cultures from Hawaii nursery.  In addition, the Hawaii nursery is today known as Pilea specialist, just as they have also expanded within various Philodendron species.

“A large number of new products have been added to the range, and the development continues.
When new cultures are launched, 100,000 plants are not produced.
We try our hand and establish the culture as a small niche. ” says Thorsten Lund.

For Hawaii Horticulture, it is about finding the next new product that you just need from Denmark. Replacements and supplements for the otherwise well-known products that have filled the market for many years. The next new products, which help to move all the other good products that are available in Denmark.

We, at Hawaii Horticulture, want to give the consumer a better plant and flower experience – from which our slogan also arises ‘Make Life beautiful’